Conceptual design for the physical Reef sculpture


A generative art project of 10301 unique 3D Crystals will evolve into a collective artwork. The Crystal REEF will be realized as a physical sculpture and shown in museums and galleries around the world. It is a long-term art project with unique mechanics bridging the gap between conventional and NFT art worlds.

Created by Michael Joo, Danil Krivoruchko, and the OG:CR community.




Upon initial minting purchase of the crystals on the primary market, collectors received a "seed crystal" and chose its color.


Several days later that "seed" had grown into an OG:Crystal, its facets and contours completely individualized, and algorithmically generated by merging each owner's unique crypto wallet ID/ history with the myriad possible combinations of crystalline and coral reef form and structure.


Each time that OG:Crystal was sold to someone else, the original crystalline form remained but was transformed by the addition of a new personalized and unique crystal structure influenced by the new collector's wallet properties.


While that OG:Crystal was repeatedly sold, each stage of its growth was saved in a separate file. Everyone can observe the details of the algorithm's creativity in each generation.


After three months from the initial sale date, or seven generations of growth by sale, every OG:Crystal was "locked", so new transactions would not influence its shape, structure, or rarity.


The complete sale of all primary "seeds" ensured that each of these remarkable OG:Crystals will be combined into a single communal artwork, creating a kind of crystalline reef that is the co-creation of each owner and the artists as a collective effort.


The Crystal REEF is the final and most ambitious stage of the road map. This sculpture will aggregate all OG:Crystals from the entire collection and be shown in museums around the world. The implementation stages of this part of the roadmap are indeed complex, requiring iterative testing for printing as well as negotiations with the museums and institutions themselves. Michael Joo is already currently in negotiations. It will take time, but we will be proud to spotlight each implementation stage of this project for our community.


AR & 360°

Scan this QR-code with your mobile phone.

One of the headliners of OG:CR is the brand new for the NFT market AR feature we produced as outlined in our road map. You can get AR assets and use them to produce creative videos with Crystals in Augmented Reality. The uniqueness of this feature also lies in its direct availability on Open Sea. We implemented our AR button right onto each Crystal NFT and now anyone can dive deep into AR straight from Open Sea.

View in AR


The mix of possible traits for each crystal is fairly complex: there are 4 general types of crystals (Spiky, Fractal, Cluster, and Coral), 2 complexity variants, 5 basic colors with additional shades, several options for brightness and darkness, and 4 special materials (Obsidian, Gold, Quartz, and Pyrite). Detailed information on the events that trigger specific changes and their probabilities can be found on Github.

Owner #1

Green, Gluster

Owner #2

Spiky, Red

Owner #3

Coral, Violet

Owner #4

Fractal, Neutral

Owner #5

Cluster, Violet
Features: Traits special


The unique mechanics of the project allowed us to create 6 homage traits for BAYC, ArtBlocks, CryptoPunks, Ksoids, Meebits, Omnimorphs and 89seconds NFT collections. if your wallet contained one of the aforementioned NFTs, you had a chance of getting a special trait.


The Team

The OG:CR project is the product of Michael's many years of research and artistic practice involving process-based art, crystalline forms, and collective identities, as well as Danil's long experience in generative art and algorithmic content creation.

Michael Joo

Sculptor, Multi-media Artist

Michael Joo Sculptor, Multi-media Artist Michael Joo (ASomatica) is a contemporary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. His work has been widely exhibited at galleries, museums and international events such as Kukje Gallery, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and Venice Biennale. He has received numerous art awards and his work is in the collections of the Guggenheim Museum, LACMA, and Moderna Museet, among others. Michael recently exhibited at K11 Art Foundation in Hong Kong, and is currently showing in the Hawaii Triennial 2022 in Honolulu.

"My art practice has always revolved around the liminal and spaces between. From creating a geodesic halo of surveillance cameras around a 3rd century Gandhara Buddha, to collaborating with local Korean children to make a monument at the threshold of the Korean DMZ, I have an ongoing engagement with access and collectivity.

When I first met with Snark.Art nearly two years ago, I was taken by the potential for blockchain technology to speak to and cultivate communities. They'd been working for some time with geologic and crystalline forms, and the parallels between the inaccessible transformative space and lives of things underground, to the intangible transformative space of things virtual and digital were inspiring to me.

In developing the concept and work itself, I was introduced to Danil whose motion graphics and programming vision I admired and whose experience with both NFTs and community building resonated with me. My own ongoing work with fossils of ancient marine life prompted thinking of our project's potential evolution as a collective similar to that of a reef: coral polyps crystallized into calcium carbonate exoskeletons that speak to both objects and sites of potential. I am thrilled and excited by both our collaborative efforts and the 'seed' we are releasing."

Danil Krivoruchko
Digital Artist

Danil Krivoruchko, aka Myshli, is an NYC-based creative director and digital artist whose clients include Apple, Nike, Intel, Boeing, and more. His work has been featured in many motion design publications and won a variety of festival awards. The first NFT collection created by Danil, in collaboration with Snark.Art, "One Thousand ksoids" is currently held by many prominent NFT collectors.

"Creating projects combining data visualization and generative art is my ongoing passion. I've already completed quite a few projects in this field (including one for the NY Mathematics Museum and mypersonal NFT art based on data from the Ethereum blockchain). Thus, when I was introduced to Michael and he outlined the concept, I started working on the project immediately. I tried to adapt the idea of crystal usage and their growth to the digital world and connect it to using blockchain data. Before this, hardly anybody had tried to create a dynamic NFT project connected to consumers' data. And no one has ever tried to create anything of such ambition and technical complexity. To achieve this, we had to do a lot of research and development and make a custom server code that would connect the blockchain to the 3D-crystal generation and rendering. It also required a huge amount of hardware power to handle the rendering en-mass. But this is the price you pay when you innovate and try to push the boundaries. I'm very excited about the result and proud of the team's achievement."
Technology, founded in 2017, is one of the innovators in the emerging NFT and digital art space. Working at the meeting point of fine art and digital art, they have consistently worked with internationally renowned artists to create blockchain-based projects. Some of the highlights include Eve Sussman's "89 Seconds Atomized", Cassil's "White Male Artist: $HT Coin", as well as projects with museum collected artists including Kabakovs, AES+F, and Kendell Geers.

Organic Growth: Crystals Reef is the latest project to come from a powerful collaboration with Danil Krivoruchko and Michael Joo. With groundbreaking mechanisms to create interactive art on the blockchain, we believe OG:CR will be seen as yet another project where the limits of the past will be removed, and we can truly go into a new experience of art.

The cooperation with Danil Krivoruchko and Michael Joo perfectly exemplifies the position where sees the future of powerful and innovative NFT projects: bringing together cutting-edge technology and digital art processing, with the experience of decades of art in the traditional world.



Inventive colors give the crystals an impressive solidity that ranges from intense to sublime.

Inventive colors give the crystals an impressive solidity that ranges from intense to sublime.


Realistic material textures and organic shapes come together with dynamic results.

Realistic material textures and organic shapes come together with dynamic results.


The dead trait was coined to counteract underpricing, but has become surprisingly popular.

The dead trait was coined to counteract underpricing, but has become surprisingly popular.

We have launched several

Art Events

To support high-concept art and collections OG:CR collaborates with different projects artists and influencers.

7 artists — 7 Gens
Collab Art Project

OG:CR is collaborating with 7 prominent artists from diverse backgrounds to create a one-of-a-kind crystal. This crystal has a place reserved for it in a museum.

The Foundational Gen was formed between Danil and Michael, then Glenn Kaino, Nicholas Galanin, Sarah Meyohas, Tom Sachs, and Krista Kim joined this collaboration.

The Hermitage
Art Gallery

The OG:crystals NFT project is featured front and center in a world-class museum exhibition at the Hermitage! Aka the world's largest museum. It featured an OG:CR AR crystal floating prominently in the middle of the main gallery of its premiere Metaverse exhibition.

IRL gallery and museum shows figure highly on the OG:CR roadmap. Here is to a great virtual beginning to that journey!

Marine Life Donation

In recognition of the tireless work the scientific community does to help us better understand and safeguard our environment, OG:CR donated of 3% of the earnings from the OG:CR NFT primary sales to @Scripps_Ocean at @UCSanDiego. In addition to supporting the coral reef conservation research conducted by the Jennifer E. Smith Labs, we were honored to participate in the official scientific naming of a new marine species discovered during zoological exploratory work.

Story of Our New Mascot

As this donation was only made possible with our community's support we shared the privilege of this opportunity with them. Now the new species is called “Xyloplax Aetheorum." This name was proposed by community member @sshiib3 in an exciting and creative naming contest.

Following Our


We continue moving forward stage by stage, following our roadmap:


A 3D model for each OG:Crystal was created


AR-ready versions of each OG:Crystal that can be used on Metaverse platforms


An offline event in New York to promote the collection (location TBD) — all members of the OG:CR collaboration will be invited


A new collective artwork — The Crystal REEF — aggregating all the OG:Crystals from across the collection will be brought together as a physical sculpture and shown in museums around the world
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What is Crystal REEF?

Crystal REEF is a physical artwork that will be made using each individual OG:Crystal and will be collectively owned by the community (owners DAO).

Am I co-creator of my OG:Grystal?

If you participated in the growth of your OG:Crystal (claimed, bought, or sold it during the growth period), then yes - you are a co-creator. All participants will also receive credit as co-creators of the Crystal REEF, so it will become a collective artwork made by thousands of people.

What happened after OG:Crystals stopped growing?

After the growth period, the collection was locked and is now a collection created by the community.

When was a growth deadline?

Initially, the growth period was planned for 2 months after the project launch, but was extended for one more month upon the community's decision and ended on December 31, 2021.

What are dead Crystals?

Dead crystals (or dead traits) were obtained during the crystal growth stage, when the selling price was lower than the floor price of the collection. Some crystals have only one "dead" trait, while others have several, up to 6. Dead crystals are quite rare and have their own admirers, so called "the dead-cult society".

How do I rate the rarity of my crystal?

Thanks to the cooperation with Rarity Sniper, every crystal owner can now estimate its rarity with a specially prepared rating from Rarity Sniper.

What is the utility of crystals?

Usually a luxury item or a work of art has zero utility, but this is not the case with OG:Crystals. While the owner can use their crystal in almost any virtual and augmented reality world (owners can download 3D models for that), they might also receive exclusive drops from our partners and many other cool benefits.  We can't reveal all the details at the moment, but we encourage you to stay tuned!

What is OG Biome?

OG:Biome is limited high resolution NFT posters collection based on weekly Rarity Sniper rating updates of OG:CR collection.

Can I print my crystal?

Yes. We provide 3D models for each crystal, so feel free to print it!

Where and how do I download the 3D asset file?

Go to collection, select the crystal you like and click the "download 3D model" button. Please note that you can download a model of ANY crystal, not just yours. This was a decision by the OG:Crystals community.


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